Challenges in Modern Cloud Platform Development

Dr. Servet Ahmet Çizmeli 23.10.2019, 12:00 Hisar Campus, B105


In the last couple of years, environmental researcher Dr. Çizmeli discovered that new software platforms are needed when dealing with the problem of "reproducibility" in computational research and data science. The platform,, is designed as a modern, multi-tenant web application with a set of microservice backend that scales rapidly in the cloud. During the development, him and his team faced multiple layers of technical and non-technical challenges involving microservice abstraction, containerization, data management, workload orchestration, privacy, usability, discoverability, finances and customer targeting. In this meetup they will share with the audience our story which started in Bodrum, Turkey, followed by an open discussion on data science and cloud app development.

Dr. Çizmeli is an environmental scientist and activist. He is co-founder and chief science officer of, a cloud-based data science platform. Visit for more information.