‘Do you want your latte without milk?’

EROL BEYNAM 27.11.2019, 12:00 Hisar Campus, Department of MIS, Room #: B108


Successful Supply Chain Managment is essential for any company.In today’s fast pacing, competitive market, traditional static and disconnected planning solutions can no longer provide the competitive edge.Solvoyo provides Cloud based platform with concurrent optimization method that enables autonomosuly planning of interconnected business functions, from demand all the way to transportation.

BIO Text :

Erol Beynam is a VP of Software Engineering at Solvoyo, where he manages, plans, coordinates, and execute all software development efforts. 

Erol started his career as a Software Developer more than 20 years ago in Washington D.C.

Erol mainly worked for the US for Department of Defense, Federal Reserve Board, Federal Trade Commission and many other US Government Agencies. 

He holds an ASc in Electronics from Boğaziçi University, BSc in Computer Science from Georgia College and State University, and MSc in Software Systems Engineering from George Mason University. 

He is a PMP since 2006.