On the way to Digital Enterprise: Industry 4.0

Ali Rıza Ersoy 04.12.2019, 14:00 - 15:20 Hisar Campus, Department of MIS, Room #: B105


History of Industrilization . Why I 4.0 and counter measures.
Which technologies are necessary? What’s happening globally and in Turkey?
What is next? What are the other tsunamies?


He has held the position of Director of the departments of Healthcare, Human Resources, IT Solutions and Services, Corporate Technologies, Supply Chain Management, Cities and Industry within Siemens Turkey and, of General Manager of the company “Siemens Business Solutions”; during a period of 30 years. He currently holds the position of Executive Committee Member and Deputy General Manager. He was born in 1957, Koçarlı/Aydın, graduated from Tarsus American College, Faculty of Electronics and Communication, Istanbul Technical University and Department of Applied Electronics, Vienna University of Technology. He has worked at the same time as research assistant in the same department for 5 years.