Societal value of IS research

Niels Bjørn-Andersen 02.12.2020, 20:30 Zoom Meeting Platform


Unfortunately, half of the academic research time is wasted writing peer-reviewed papers for scientific journals that nobody cares to read.

However, we write them, because we are measured for employment/promotion on the number of articles we write. This is a tragic waste of time.

I believe that

  • Today we measure number of publications
  • Tomorrow we will measure citations
  • Day after tomorrow we shall measure societal value

The presentation will document this waste and its implications for academics and society.

Furthermore, I will present a measure of societal value, which is easy, inexpensive and contributing to helping society become effective, innovative, and sustainable.


Dr. Niels Bjørn-Andersen is Emeritus Professor of Business IT at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), where he was first appointed professor in 1987. Among other things, he served as director of the ‘Center for e-Business’ from 1998 -2005, and as director of ‘Center for Enterprise Systems’ from 2005 -2011. He has more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, 25 books and more than 200 other publications. He has developed four different degree programs at CBS including a Global Executive MBA in 1999. He has been general co-chair of more than ten international conferences including the ECIS in Istanbul in 2016 and ICIS in Copenhagen 1990.

Most of his research has been applied, and he has carried out collaborative research with organizations like CISCO, Heineken, IBM, Maersk, Microsoft and SAP especially as regards topics like IT governance, E-business, ERP-systems, IT for inter-organizational trade, and IT for M&As.

Niels Bjørn-Andersen has been the recipient of more than 20 external research grants predominantly from EU research bodies totaling > € 30 million. He has been awarded the prestigious AIS-LEO award (hitherto only awarded to five Europeans), the IFIP Outstanding Services Award, the award as the ‘dedicated enthusiast in 2014’ from The Association of Danish IT professionals, and has been knighted by the Queen of Denmark for his contributions to the field of Information Systems. He was president of Association of Information Systems in 1996 as the first elected president after the inaugural president Bill King.