Determinants of Student Information Technology Adoption

Hans P. VanDerSchaaf 16.12.2020, 20:30 Zoom Meeting Platform


Hans VanDerSchaaf, PhD, MPA, PMP is inspired by research and initiatives that harness innovation, technology and service improvements to create step changes in organizational performance and improve customer experiences. 

Dr. VanDerSchaaf received a PhD in Technology Management from the Engineering and Technology Management program at Portland State University, a Master of Public Administration from Portland State University, and a Bachelor of Science from Ithaca College.

Dr. VanDerSchaaf works at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon, where he champions OHSU Health’s mission to make care available to Oregonians anywhere, anytime, by focusing on digital health technology innovations.


Innovating service delivery in higher education by leveraging technology is central to transforming higher education to center on the needs of today’s students. Aligned with these goals, this research identifies key determinants of student information technology adoption using a mixed-methods and empirical approach based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT). The research focuses on the adoption of a web-based digital services platform (native mobile app and website) used at Portland State University (Portland, Oregon, United States), that aids students in accessing services and resources critical to maintaining their enrollment. 

The findings suggest that effort expectancy and social influence stand out as critical influences on behavioral intention to adopt, and that social influence and a students’ basic technology skills are significant determinants of effort expectancy. This research also provides insights for how UTAUT can be applied in the university setting.