Tadım Auto Depot with Industry 4.0

Fırat Akın - Tadım - Director of Information Technologies 07.12.2017, 16:00 - 17:00 Hisar Campus, B105

Tadım is one of the largest producers in food industry in Turkey. Fırat Akın was invited to give a TRAIS professional seminar on "Tadım Automated Depot Management System with Industry 4.0". This project was selected as the most succesful smart manufacturing project of the year by IDC. The audience included TRAIS members as well as 50 senior students from the universities in İstanbul.





Nearly half a century of experience as the leader in Turkey Packed Dried Nuts sector, in line with the vision of globalization reaches consumers in nearly 20 countries. Tadım has been taking the first step of a end-to-end supply chain by addressing the current depot processes Industry 4.0 approach, with the goal of always delivering fresher, higher quality products to the final consumer. Many new technology products have been used in the automatic depot and it is aimed to reach an autonomous structure with predictable analysis and machine learning algorithms.



Fırat Akın, a graduate of Ankara University Computer Engineering Department, completed his English MBA program at Marmara University in 2010. Borusan Holding Career Systems Analyst - After starting the MT, Nestle Turkey Business Applications Specialist, SAP Project Management and IT Compliance Division has carried out its duties. Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Israel responsible for the Adidas Group in North EMR 3.5 years in the organization has worked as Director of Business Solutions. Since 2016, he has been working as the Director of Information Technologies in Tadım responsible for the management of System, Network and Security, Business Solutions, Service Desk and ERP support teams.