How design thinking, Lean Product Development, and Agile Methodologies work together to deliver high value products that people love

Onur Eren Sürgit 17.10.2018, 14:00 - 17:00 Hisar Campus, HKA 301

Short of Bio:

Onur Eren Sürgit holds bachelor degree in Business Administration and MIS (double major) and also MA degree in MIS. He worked at Sony Europe,, Sabancı Group and Doğuş Group with different roles as product manager, business development manager, project portfolio manager, process improver and agile coach. He has awards from corporate entrepreneurship programs and has been giving startup mentorship under several accelerator programs and angel investor networks. Currently working as CTO at RS Positive which is a branch of a global group in fintech industry. He is also providing consultancy to a couple of startups.



These three are the common denominators and mindset that, when practiced, help organizations develop new competencies. It's about breaking down silos, making people intimate parts of the processes, and leveraging their thinking and contributions toward continuous delivery and continuous improvement. Each phase is critical to meeting the demands of today's enterprises for rapid and constant software delivery.